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Hire Me

I am a passionate software developer who enjoys helping teams build and deliver modern, secure and scalable software. I specialise in helping companies embrace cloud infrastructure, adopt container technologies the right way, automate their infrastructure and store it as code, and establish automated, repeatable and reliable deployments in most popular CI/CD systems. Clients range from startups to the largest logistics company in the world.

If you’re looking to hire me to work on your project please read the following beforehand. I work with multiple languages and frameworks, so best to ask if you had something specific in mind. If I’m not suitable or available I may be able to pass you onto someone who is.


  • I generally offer my services through my own company
  • Minimum of 1 month on-site or remote unless exceptional circumstances
  • I don’t work on fixed-cost projects. I can give a very good estimate and lay out project milestones but fixed-cost rarely works

Technical Leadership

I am happy to take your project on from scratch and build the foundations. I will make informed decisions early on that ensure your product doesn’t crumble in two months’ time. I will help your team grow smoothly as the project grows too.

Backend (Distributed) Systems

I can design and build modern, secure and scalable software. I will often use Node.js/ Typescript or Go to achieve this. We will deploy this to one of the popular cloud providers via Kubernetes.


I am able to set up a CI/CD pipeline for your application in a short amount of time. I can set up Kubernetes on the cloud provider of choice and store any infrastructure as code. I can set up the correct amount of logging, alerting and metrics so you know when things are not running smoothly, and can be informed. I can be retained on a monthly basis to help when needed.

What else can you do?

I don’t just sit in a dark corner coding all day. I can help with translating ideas into a specification, work with clients directly, advise on the technical impact of new features and generally give my opinion on your project. Through my working career I have worked directly with the product manager, CTO/CEO, end clients and many other roles. I have managed projects on a high level including managing other freelancers for design aspects. I enjoy working in agile teams as much as working alone.

Great! What next?

Please contact me with a brief overview of your project on [email protected]. I have a nice office in my flat that I work from, but I’m not a recluse so we can negotiate on the days I come in if that’s a requirement. I would prefer you to be in Toronto though as that’s where I’m located.