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Useful Links for New Gophers
Sep 13, 2019
One minute read

Talks Worth Watching

  • Getting Started with Go Video
  • Go Proverbs (Rob Pike) Video
  • Simplicity is Complicated (Rob Pike) Video
  • Concurrency Is Not Parallelism (Rob Pike) Video
  • 7 common mistakes in Go and when to avoid them (Steve Francia) Video
  • Channeling Failure (Matt Heath) Video
  • Things in Go I Never Use (Mat Ryer) Video
  • The Why of Go (Carmen Andoh) Video
  • Building a Bank With Go (Matt Heath) Video
  • Best Practices for Industrial Programming (Peter Bourgon) Video
  • Advanced Testing with Go (Mitchell Hashimoto) Video


Go’s type system is structural, not nominal:

interfaces are behaviour contracts

that generally belong in consuming code.

Accept interfaces and return structs

Reference Architectures etc.

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