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About Me

I’m a Toronto based software development consultant with over 10 years commercial experience and many more as a hobby. I started out learning to develop basic websites in 2006 and have been hooked ever since. My career roots were humble in PHP, I was building web applications for a design agency while brushing up on my HTML/CSS skills mixed in with a bit of jQuery (or was it mootools back then?).

I have since moved on and somewhere along the way ended up in the Microsoft world for a few years. It was certainly a paragdigm shift but really opened me up to better languages (C#) and frameworks as a whole, and as my programming skills advanced I began to work on more complex applications within highly-skilled agile teams in mainly enterprise settings.

Cloud is certainly a big part of my day, and as of writing I’ve done a shed-load of production Docker/Kubernetes, FaaS and IaC. One could say it’s jumping the gun especially in an enterprise setting where many execs may just be opening up to allowing public cloud – I mean who doesn’t like waiting a month for a server to be provisioned?

I’m not sure this is a fair summary as there have been loads of other things in between – including a few stints at leading teams and really getting stuck into designing and architecting solutions with the whole business.

I enjoy working on exciting projects and consulting/contracting enables me to pick and choose what I want to work on, this keeps me happy and highly motivated. I enjoy meeting new people and hopefully creating lasting business relationships with my clients and colleagues.

Some stuff I’ve helped build

  • Bespoke e-commerce platforms, publishing platforms and CMS
  • Mobile application backends
  • Search-based betting web application
  • In-house bookmaker’s website, both front and back-end
  • Scraping and data mining
  • Financial systems
  • Sport result predictions using multiple data sources (scraping and API’s)
  • High traffic optimisation and scaling
  • Microservice/Macroservice architectures
  • Integrations with various enterprise systems and gateways

Some specific technologies

  • Angular.js apps from 1.0
  • Docker/Microservices
  • Messaging, pipelines
  • React/Redux
  • Cloud native
  • Typescript + Node.js
  • Observability (Three pillars: mertics, logs, traces)
  • Go(lang)
  • Elasticsearch
  • Cassandra
  • Much, much more